Tools & Utensils

Tools & Utensils

Use the categories below to search for particular product types and check out our Kitchen Utensils Guide for more information and helpful advice on tools, utensils and gadgets for your kitchen.

  • Tool Sets

    A one stop shop for every essential kitchen tool be it spoons, ladles or turners. We have a set for every style and budget; modern classic or timeless elegance. A great gift for every occasion!
  • Blowtorches

    A range of quality blowtorches...
  • Brushes

    Pastry and basting brushes.
  • Can Openers

    We offer a wide range of quality can openers from trusted brands...
  • Colanders and Salad Spinners

    Colanders and salad spinners from the best brands - quality tools and utensils from Pots and Pans.
  • Cutting, Chopping and Slicing

    Pizza wheels, mandolines, kitchen shears and scissors, plus specialised tools for fruit and vegetables.
  • Forks

    Kitchen and oven forks for a variety of cooking uses...
  • Graters

    Cheese and other graters in a range of styles...
  • Grinders, Food Mills and Mincers

    Herb and spice grinders, food mills and meat mincers.
  • Hanging Racks and Stands

    Hanging racks,pots stands and knife racks all help keep the kitchen tidy...
  • Jars, Boxes and other Storage

    Kitchen storage equipment including Jars,Bread Bins and a variety of glass and perspex storage containers...
  • Juicers and Reamers

    Electric and manual juicers,juice makers and citrus reamers.All great value from the best brands...
  • Kitchen Trolleys

    Beautiful high quality wooden kitchen trolleys in a range of sizes and finishes...
  • Mashers

    A range of potato mashers from the best brands - top quality and great value...
  • Measuring

    A range of measuring jugs and measuring spoons in both metric and imperial...
  • Meat Tenderisers

    Meat tenderisers and mallets...
  • Miscellaneous

    More tools, equipment and cleaning products.
  • Mortars and Pestles

    A range of mortars to suit all budgets and in a variety of materials...
  • Peelers

    A range of potato and vegetable peelers from the best UK brands...
  • Pet Supplies

    Here at Pots and Pans, we cater for all members of the family who love food, including cats and dogs! We have a range of quirky yet practical feeding bowls and storage jars from the famous Italian designer brand Alessi, perfect for when you want to spoil your pets.
  • Ricers and Presses

    No more lumpy mash potato.A range of professional tools for the job...
  • Rolling Pins

    Rolling pins for pastry & general baking...
  • Scales and Weights

    Both traditional style and modern scales are available from Pots and Pans.Metric and Imperial cast iron weights are also available.
  • Spoons, Ladles and Scoops

    We offer a wide range of spoons,labels and scoops from the best brands...
  • Textiles

    Every kitchen needs a set of oven gloves and tea towels, but these are not the only textiles that can come in handy in the kitchen. We've got pot holders, tablecloths, aprons and more, to help you get the best out of your kitchen.
  • Thermometers

    We offer a quality range of baking,oven,jam and other thermometers...
  • Tongs and Tweezers

    Ice tongs,barbecue tongs, kitchen tongs and tweezers for de-boning fish and general use around the kitchen...
  • Turners and Spatulas

    Turners, spatulas and fish slices in a variety of shapes and materials.
  • Tweezers

    Tweezers for de-boning fish and general use around the kitchen...
  • Whisks

    Whip up a storm in your kitchen with one of our balloon whisks. Available in a couple of sizes or styles to best suit your needs and in stainless steel or silicone coated. Use smaller whisks for more control when doing smaller amounts or making a roux. Larger sizes will make light work of bigger whisking tasks, when you want lots of whipped cream for example. Some of our whisks are also covered in heat resistant silicone and are perfect for use within your non-stick cookware.
  • Worktop Savers

    Wooden and silicone worktop savers.

Kitchen Utensils Guide

From the humble potato peeler to an avocado slicer, a house is not complete without a drawer of essential kitchen tools, utensils and gadgets. In recent times the market for kitchen tools has exploded, resulting in a huge variety of utensils and gadgets in different colours and designs. See the Kitchen Utensils, Tools and Gadgets categories above if you know what you need for your kitchen, otherwise read on for a description of some of the tools and gadgets we stock.

The Basics

The basic cooking tools in every kitchen usually include utensils such as spoons, a ladle, turners, a peeler and a potato masher, amongst others.

There are a few different materials which kitchen tools can be made of, each with different features and benefits. Stainless steel tools are very popular, and with good reason. These tools are not only attractive but extremely hard wearing. A important point to note with these tools is that they are not usually suitable for non-stick pans. They will scratch the surface, damaging the non-stick coating. They are not ideal for cast iron pans either, as they will leave silver trail mark on the enamel in the base of the pan, although this is not damaging to the same extent as with a non-stick surface. Stainless steel tools are suitable, for use in stainless steel pans without non-stick finishes, which are our best selling pan type. Most plastic tools are made of phenolic heat resistant plastic, meaning that they will not melt or warp. These kitchen tools are ideal for non-stick surfaces as they will not scratch or mark them. Silicone tools are relatively new to the market, but there is already a vast variety available. Silicone is usually heat proof to a minimum of 200C and has the added bonus of flexibility. This flexibility means the tools are ideal for getting into the edges of saucepans. Like phenolic plastic tools, silicone kitchen tools are ideal for use with non-stick pans. Where phenolic plastic tools tend to be black, silicone tools are available in a range of colours to match your kitchen decor.

Kitchen Tools

Apple corer/divider - a great way to get kids eating apples, this tool not only cores the apple, but also divides it into manageable slices.

Blowtorch - a favourite with most TV chefs, these gadgets may look a little intimidating, but they are actually incredibly easy to use and refill. The smaller styles of these are really only suitable for creme brulee, where as the larger sizes are also suitable for roasting peppers, and even crisping joints of meat. All blowtorches supplied by Pots and Pans are easily refilled with butane lighter fuel.

Can opener and jar opener - there is a massive range of can openers on the market, but here are the features of some of the most user friendly. Good Grips can openers, as the name suggests, are easy to handle due to their chunky handles, which makes them ideal for people with arthritis. One also features a locking function which means that the can opener locks on to the can and cannot ‘jump off’ as can happen with some cheaper can openers.

Flavour Shaker - The Jamie Oliver flavour shaker, designed by the man himself, is best described as a shaker-style mortar and pestle. It consists of a heavy duty plastic container with a ceramic ball inside. You can put a wide variety of ingredients inside, whether liquid or solid and then shake it to crush and combine the ingredients. It is quick and easy to use and ideal for making marinades and salad dressings.

Garlic press - a must have in the kitchen, a garlic press squashes garlic cloves, allowing the natural aromatic oils to be released. The best garlic presses have a built in cleaner and a heavy duty construction. The Zyliss garlic press also does not require the user to peel the garlic cloves, and also comes with a five year guarantee.

Good Grips - a range of tools created originally for arthritis sufferers but now widely available to the general public. The main feature of these tools is their chunky, rubberised handles, making the tools easy to hold and manipulate.

Lemon reamer - a tool for quickly juicing citrus fruit, simply cut the citrus in half and squash with the reamer. Stainless steel is ideal as it is long lasting and hygienic.

Lettuce Shears - when lettuce is cut with a metal tool, the edge of the leaf will oxidise and turn brown. These plastic shears give a clean cut but with no browning of the leaves.

Mandoline Slicer - a fantastic tool for making thin slices of fruit and vegetable, and a must for potato dauphinoise. Some mandolines also have an attachment for doing julienne strips. Important features to look for include a sturdy build, and straight forward mechanism for changing the blades.

Mango splitter - a new tool from Good Grips, this gadget splits the mango in half, removing the stone at the same time.

Meat tenderiser - a hammer for pounding meat to make it more tender, metal should be the only option, as it is far more hygienic than wood. Good Grips have two excellent tenderisers, which are ergonomically designed, and easy to use.

Mincer - though the design has not changed for many years, mincers are enjoying resurgence, as more people want to know what actually goes into their mince. Also suitable for making sausage meat, these heavy duty mincers attach to a work surface, and are powered by hand.

Mortar and pestle - This tool has hardly changed over the years, consisting of the mortar, which is the bowl, and the pestle, used for grinding. There are a few different materials available, all suitable for slightly different things. Olivewood mortar and pestles are very decorative, and are particularly useful for salad dressings. Olivewood is a hard wood and if it is treated regularly with olive oil, it should prevent flavour and colour transfer. Ceramic mortar and pestles are very traditional and usually available in a variety of sizes. Excellent for liquid and solids, the only slight drawback is that there is colour transfer when using coloured spices. However, there is no flavour transfer.

Oyster knife - a short bladed knife with a pointed tip, which is inserted into the oyster shell and then twisted, opening the shell. Some knives also come with a guard to protect your hands.

Pastry brush - useful not just for pastry, but also for applying a small amount of oil to a frying pan. There are three types of bristles. Natural bristles give excellent coverage, and do not melt, and plastic fibre bristles give a very even finish. The best material is silicone, as it gives excellent coverage, but is also heat proof, and dishwasher safe, making it very easy to clean.

Potato peeler - a must, and again a wide variety are available, ranging from solid or swivel blade, straight or y shaped and even the chef’n palm peeler, which fits in the palm of your hand.

Potato ricer - another tool which owes some of its popularity to TV chefs, a potato ricer is simply a must for smooth mashed potatoes. Much like a giant garlic press, the potatoes are inserted and then crushed though small holes. The stainless steel version of this tool is excellent, as it can be put into the dishwasher.

Salad spinner - useful not only for lettuce, but the new smaller models are also excellent for rocket and fresh herbs. Some incorporate a serving bowl, such as the one from Guzzini.

Thermometers - whether it is for the fridge, the food or the cooker, thermometers are an essential part of the kitchen. Different jobs require different temperature ranges, meaning it is best to get the correct thermometer for the job.

Zester - this tool, rather than giving small pieces of citrus zest, as a grater does, gives longer, neater zest, suitable for desserts. Zesters sometimes come with a canelle knife attached, which allows the user to get spiral pieces of zest.

"Utensils, graters, choppers, scales, timers, and other kitchen equipment."

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